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                China SMS Surgical Gown factory

                SMS Surgical Gown

                SMS Surgical Gown  Crown Name offers surgical gowns made by two kinds of fabrics, SMS and Spunlace. The health workers can choose the gown as their pe...More
                China SMS and SMMS Nonwoven Fabric factory

                SMS and SMMS Nonwoven Fabric

                SMS and SMMS Nonwoven Fabric SMS Nonwoven Fabric The SMS is a trilaminate nonwoven: one layer of meltblown nonwoven in sandwiched between two layers o...More
                China SMS Scrub Suits factory

                SMS Scrub Suits

                SMS Scrub Suits The scrub suits are made of opaque complete coverage breathable, hydrophobic, super soft SMS or PP fabric which offers the wearer expe...More
                China Disposable Surgical C-Section Pack factory

                Disposable Surgical C-Section Pack

                Disposable Nonwoven C-Section Pack C-Section hole drape: 1pc Instrument table cover: 1pc Surgical gown: 2pcs Baby wrapper: 1pcs Baby umbilical cord pr...More
                China Disposable Extremity Pack factory

                Disposable Extremity Pack

                Disposable Extremity Pack •  Extremity hole drape: 1pc •  Orthopedic middle drape: 1pc  •  Leg cover: 1pc  •  Instrument dish cover: 1pc  •  Inst...More
                China Disposable Laparotomy Pack factory

                Disposable Laparotomy Pack

                Disposable Laparotomy Pack •  Laparotomy hole drape: 1pc  •  Middle drape: 2pcs  •  Instrument table cover: 1pc  •  Instrument dish cover: 1pc •  Surgical gown: 2pcs  •  W...More
                China Disposable Ophthalmic Pack factory

                Disposable Ophthalmic Pack

                Disposable Ophthalmic Pack •  Hole drape: 1pc •  Gauze: 5pcs •  Cotton swab: 10pcs •  Cotton ball: 4pcs •  Medicine cup: 1pc •  Remedy drape: 3p...More
                China Disposable Arthroscopy Pack factory

                Disposable Arthroscopy Pack

                Disposable Arthroscopy Pack  •  SMS wrap: 1 pc      •  Arthroscopy drap: 1 pcMore
                China Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack factory

                Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack

                Disposable Laparoscopic Perineal Pack  •  SMS wrap: 1 pc      •  Legging: 2 pcs  •  Lap perineal: 1 pcMore
                China Disposable EENT Packs IV factory

                Disposable EENT Packs IV

                Disposable EENT Packs IV  •  Table cover: 1pc          •  Head drape: 1pc •  EENT split drape: 1pc   •  Mayo cover: 1pc  •  Suture bag: 1pc      ...More
                China Disposable Eye Drape Pack factory

                Disposable Eye Drape Pack

                Disposable Eye Drape Pack  •  SMS wrap: 1pc      •  Eye drape with pouch: 1pcsMore
                China Disposable Laparoscopy Pack factory

                Disposable Laparoscopy Pack

                Disposable Laparoscopy Pack  •  Table cover: 1pc          •  Mayo cover: 1pc  •  Hand towel: 4pcs        •  Surgical gown: 2pcs  •  Laparoscopy dr...More
                China Disposable Hip Pack factory

                Disposable Hip Pack

                Disposable Hip Pack  •  Table cover: 1pc          •  Surgical gown: 3pcs  •  Hand towel: 2pcs         •  U-drape: 1pc  •  Stockinette: 1pc       ...More
                China SMS Patient Gown factory

                SMS Patient Gown

                SMS Patient Gown Disposable patient gowns are made of PP or SMS, offers half nontransparent complete coverage. There are no sleevers type or half slee...More
                China PP Patient Gown factory

                PP Patient Gown

                PP Patient Gown Disposable patient gowns are made of PP or SMS, offers nontransparent complete coverage. There are no sleevers type or half sl...More