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              China Peaked Bouffant Cap factory

              Peaked Bouffant Cap

              Peaked Bouffant Cap •  PP nonwoven •  12g/m² cap,80g/m² peak  •  Elastic head band •  Food processing, handing and hygiene •  High air permeab...More
              China Mesh Hairnet factory

              Mesh Hairnet

              Mesh Hairnet •  Nylon mesh •  With elastic head band •  Avoid the formation of dandruff and hair loss •  Food processing, hospital, laboratory, su...More
              China PP Hood with Face Mask factory

              PP Hood with Face Mask

              PP Hood with Face Mask •  20 gsm PP nonwoven •  34-36cm elastic neck band •  Open face with 2 ply or 3 ply face mask •  The shape of nose wire cou...More
              China Balaclava PP Hood factory

              Balaclava PP Hood

              Balaclava PP Hood •  20/25gsm PP nonwoven •  34-36cm elastic neck band •  Covers the mouth and the nose •  Air permeable •  Open face or elastic ...More
              China PP Doctor Cap factory

              PP Doctor Cap

              PP Doctor •  35gsm PP nonwoven •  Easy wear for surgery or clinical activities •  Elastic at the back •  Air permeable •  Comfortable to wear More
              China PP Surgical Cap factory

              PP Surgical Cap

              PP Surgical Cap •  20gsm PP nonwoven •  Simple, effective, way to cover hair •  Prefect for surgery •  With string ties back •  Comfortable to we...More
              China PP Astronaut Cap factory

              PP Astronaut Cap

              PP Astronaut Cap •  PP nonwoven •  With ties •  Sewing face •  Food industry, surgical area, hospital •  Comfortable to wear More
              China Snood Cap factory

              Snood Cap

              Snood Cap •  PP nonwoven •  40g/m² cap, 80g/m² peak, 10g/m² hair hood  •  Avoid the formation of dandruff and hair loss •  Air permeable •  Me...More
              China Peaked Cap factory

              Peaked Cap

              Peaked Cap •  PP nonwoven •  40g/m² cap,80g/m² peak  •  General purpose head cover •  Food processing, handing and hygiene •  High breathabili...More
              China Bouffant Cap factory

              Bouffant Cap

              Bouffant Cap •  PP nonwoven •  With elastic head band •  Use: Nursing, hospital, food industry, catering  •  Different color, dia. are available ...More
              China Detectable Mob Cap factory

              Detectable Mob Cap

              Detectable Mob Cap •  PP nonwoven •  Metal strip is detected by detector machine •  Double elastic head band •  Contrast stitching •  Low breathi...More
              China Mob Cap factory

              Mob Cap

              Mob Cap •  PP nonwoven •  With elastic head band •  Lightweight mob cap •  Low breathing resistance •  Food processing, hospital, laboratory, sur...More