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              The nonwoven market: China VS India

              The medical textile is the only one part of the non-woven products which are urgent need. As is predicted by the non-woven authority organizations in the world, during the time between 2014 and 2019, the average growth rate of global nonwoven products will reach 6.97% every year. 

              Nowadays, the non-woven products are widely used in construction industry and the applied range in this industry grows every day and the usage amount is increasing too. In this industries of home insulation, roof materials, soil engineering fabric. 

              The trend of requirement of the non-woven products is sharply increasing. It is widely used in infrastructure and construction, especially in BRICS. The double growth of population and economy stand for driven-power of economy in the world.

              In other developing countries, the requirement of disposable medical products is also rising. With the increasing of population, the market of personal hygiene items extend continuously. Of course the most important is that there are some difference between the technological fabrics and non-woven products. Technological fabrics is a high value-added fabric products. It can provide extra function rather than supply chain product from fiber to fashion. 

              The technological fabrics include high-quality fiber, yarn, weaving and knitwear, non-woven etc. The non-woven is another matter. As is said by the most authoritative non-woven institution: EDANA, the non-woven products should be defined to be the fiber which can form a network structure, this isn’t include textile, weaving and knitwear, almost all the non-woven fabrics belong to the technological fabrics. The market of non-woven fabrics is changing all the time. 

              Unstable price of raw material directly affect the price of non-woven products. The manufacture all around the world will ensure the price of products according to the cost of producing the product. Therefore, the price is also a key element affect the non-woven market.

              According to the research report of institution, the main market of pp(polypropylene) is in global hygiene, industry, medical, soil engineering and agriculture. The market value may reach $9 billion in 2020. 

              Infant nurseling diaper and adult hygiene products will become the main driving force to promote the development of pp non-woven market in the next six years. In the global market, China and India will become the biggest market in the future. Although the market in India can not equal to China, the potential of requirement is bigger.

              The average growth of market in India is about 8% to 10%. With the growth of GDP in this two countries, the purchasing level of people in this two country is increasing. Different from India, in the preceding years, the development of non-woven market in China is like splitting bamboo. 

              The total output ranks the second place in world, the new fields such as medical fabrics, antiflaming materials, protection materials, special composite materials and so on, also demonstrate the new state. The deeply transition of non-woven industry in China make itself unstable.