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How to choose isolation gown in 2021?

What is isolation gown? Why people need to use isolation gown?

Isolation gown is one kind of PPE suits(personal protective equipment) that is often used in healthcare environment.

It protects the wearer from bacterial infection or virus transmission when exposed to infectious solids or liquids. Also, isolation gowns protect immunocompromised patients from germs carried by the wearer.

Whats different between isolation gown and other protective suits?

Disposable isolation gown: Isolation gown is worn by health care workers to prevent them from coming into contact with liquids with infectious substances (including blood, body fluids, etc.), and to protect patients from infections carrying germs. It has the function of two-way protection, and plays a protective effect on both health care workers and patients.

Disposable protective clothing: Disposable protective equipment worn by healthcare workers when they are in a Category A infectious disease environment or in contact with patients carrying Category A infectious diseases. The difference is that the suit has a strong one-way protection function. It protects healthcare workers from being able to protect themselves from infectious diseases in category A. These products were widely used when Covid-2019 swept the world.

Disposable surgical gowns: Surgical gowns are similar to isolation gowns in that they have a two-way protection function, but it is used in a specific scenario during the implementation of surgery. Due to the specificity of the environment, medical personnel are more likely to be exposed to blood and body fluids during surgery, so they need clothing with stronger protection to ensure work safety and avoid medical accidents. Secondly, due to the specificity of the material, it can block bacteria, dust and other substances from the human body on the side against the human body to avoid the risk of cross-infection, which is also responsible for the safety of patients.

What are the types of isolation gown?

With the four levels of protection that isolation suits have, it can be complicated to know which one is right for your needs. The FDA recognizes guidelines issued by the American National Standards Institute/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (ANSI/AAMI) PB70/2003. This describes in detail the test method and the protective capacity of the isolation suit corresponding to the results. By reading the specific guide you can find out which barrier suit is the one you need.

You can also contact us and we will send our most professional staff to help you solve your problem.

From the point of view of material, there are pp, pp/pe and SMS materials. Crown Name Group uses materials that correspond to the AAMI rating standards:

SMS 20-25gsm isolation gown achieved AAMI isolation gown level 1.

SMS 30-35gsm isolation gown achieved AAMI isolation gown level 2.

SMS 35-40gsm isolation gown achieved AAMI isolation gown level 3.

What is the difference between these protection levels?

Level 1

Level 1 protective barrier gowns are usually used for general nursing care and can slightly block liquids, but have no protection against germs and provide only minimal protection.

Level 2

Level 2 Isolation gowns are ideal for low-risk situations. This level does not require aseptic processing. The ability to block liquids is judged by increasing the water pressure during the test and can effectively prevent splashing and soaking.

Level 3

Isolation gowns with Level 3 protection is ideal for moderate risk situations such as drawing blood from arteries, inserting IV fluids, emergency rooms or trauma work requiring sterile protective clothing and equipment. These suits are also effective against splashes and immersion. The same tests used for Level 2 suits are used to test the efficacy of Level 3 suits.

Level 4

Level 4 is the highest level of barrier clothing and can be used in high-risk environments. We do not produce this class of barrier clothing at this time, so we will not go into too much detail.

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