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SMS and SMMS Nonwoven Fabric

  • Fibre: 100% polypropylene
  • Width: 3.2m max, can be divided into 2.4m, 1.6m, 1.2m
  • Type: spundond + meltblown + spunbound or spundond + double layers of meltblown + spunbound
  • Weight: 10gsm-100gsm
  • Color: white, blue, gray, purple
  • Application: Widely used for sanitary and medical, such as surgical gowns, isolation gown, protective coveralls, baby diaper, feminine hygiene, hygiene pad, etc
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SMS Nonwoven Fabric

The SMS is a trilaminate nonwoven: one layer of meltblown nonwoven in sandwiched between two layers of spunbond.


The melt-blown has a very high-density web of fine fibers and is suitable for applications requiring filtration (particulates, bacteria, fluids).

The SMS is widely used for surgical gowns and all clothing requiring a high level of isolation like protective coveralls.

Chemical additives can improve the properties of the SMS: it can become for example anti-static, flame retardant, water or alcohol repellent.

SMMS Nonwoven Fabric

The SMMS is a four-layer nonwoven: two layers of melt-blown nonwoven is sandwiched between two layers of spunbond.
Like the SMS nonwoven fabric, the melt-blown nonwoven here is doubled. 

The SMMS is more symmetrical, has water repellency, bacterial resistance, and durability than SMS.

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