How to choose isolation gowns in 2022?

What is disposable isolation gowns? Why do people need to use disposable isolation gowns? An isolation gown is one kind of PPE suit (personal protective equipment) that is often used in the healthcare environment. It protects the wearer from bacterial infection or virus transmission when exposed to infectious solids or liquids. Also, isolation gowns protect immunocompromised […]

The Different Between Isolation Gown and Disposable Coverall

An isolation gown is used to protect medical personnel from blood, body fluids, and other infectious material contamination or to protect the recruit to avoid infection of protective equipment. The isolation gown should be open and can cover all clothes and exposed skin. Commonly used in the operation of the possibility of blood, body fluids […]

Why Disposable Coveralls Choose Non-woven Fabric As Material?

In basic protection, medical work environment, you will encounter the danger of germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acidic solution, salt solution, corrosive chemicals, for these dangers, you need to use protective clothing to protect the whole body of staff. Disposable coveralls is also known as workwear, what are the characteristics of it? What kind of non-woven fabric […]

What materials are used in the production of protective clothing?

Crownname Group has more than ten years of experience in the production and development of non-woven products in the industry and is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of medical and health products in China. Crown Name Froup has already obtained ISO 9001 and 13485 Certificates. Also, it has owned BSCI - Social audit and Factory […]

How are non-woven fabrics classified? Why is it an environmentally friendly material?

The fiber used in the production of non-woven fabrics is mainly Polypropylene (PP), and polyester (PET). In addition, there are nylon (PA) and viscose fibers., Acrylic, Ethylene (HDPE), Polyurethane (PVC). According to the application requirements, non-woven fabricsOne-time application. And durable type.   The production process is divided into:     1. Spunlaced nonwoven.The spunlace process is to […]


Each day, more healthcare professionals are switching from reusable instruments to disposable, single-use ones. There are several reasons why this tendency is growing and will continue to grow in the years to come. Improperly cleaned reprocessed instruments pose genuine threats to patients. Plainly stated, would you like to have someone else’s blood clot, dead tissue, or […]

What is the difference between spunlace and non-woven fabric?

What is the difference between spunlace and non-woven fabric, which is better for spunlace and non-woven fabric? The spunlace cloth is also called spunlace non-woven fabric, which is also called “jet spunlace into cloth”. The concept of "jet jetting into cloth" comes from the mechanical needle punching process. The so-called "jet spunlace" uses a high-pressure […]

Reusable versus disposable gowns

Hospital isolation gowns are fabricated from either reusable (multiuse) or disposable (single-use) materials. These 2 basic types of products each have advantages and disadvantages in terms of protection, maintenance, comfort, cost, and environmental impact. Within each of these categories, there is considerable variation in design and performance characteristics. Disposable isolation gowns are designed to be discarded […]

How to wear face mask? Do you really understand?

"If you are healthy, when you wear a mask, put the green side facing out; if you're sick, but the white side out," an article on how to right wear masks method has been widely spread by microblogs, netizens have said "long knowledge of". Reporter online has searched and found that microblog is reproduced in […]

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