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Why Disposable Coveralls Choose Non-woven Fabric As Material?

In basic protection, medical work environment, you will encounter the danger of germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acidic solution, salt solution, corrosive chemicals, for these dangers, you need to use protective clothing to protect the whole body of staff. Disposable coveralls is also known as workwear, what are the characteristics of it? What kind of non-woven fabric is used to make protective clothing? Do you know?

  1. Breathable protective coveralls for basic protective work

Suitable for automotive, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, oil and gas operations. Generally from the head to the shoulders to the body hooded one-piece, cuffs, pants tightening. Disposable coveralls is required to effectively block dust and solid particles from entering the operating environment. It should be comfortable and breathable to wear and not easy to lose dust. There is strong protection against minor spills in low-risk areas.

The fabric chosen for this protective clothing is SMS nonwoven fabric, and the structural properties of the ultra-fine melt-blown fiber layer and the high strength spunbond nonwoven layer in the structure of SMS material make the material have certain hydrostatic pressure resistance and breathability, and these properties form the basic isolation performance of SMS material. In addition, SMS nonwoven fabric also has barrier properties and is used in various products, including high, low, and medium-end medical , industrial and chemical protective clothing, and so on.

Of course, in addition to SMS nonwoven, there are PE film composite nonwoven, breathable film nonwoven, and spunbond nonwoven fabrics for medical protective clothing.

Second, medical disposable coveralls

Medical disposable coveralls, also known as medical coverall, is the work attire of medical personnel, i.e., a class of disposable coverall for the body of medical workers. Mainly used to isolate germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acidic solutions, salt solutions, corrosive chemicals, to keep the environment clean.

Features and uses of medical protective coverall

(1) Ordinary PP non-woven protective coverall

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric is made of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric, characterized by: breathable, dustproof, not waterproof, good tensile strength, the difference between the front and back is not obvious. PP spunbond nonwoven fabric is used for ordinary isolation gowns, low-grade isolation gowns, patient gowns.

(2) Laminated non-woven disposable coveralls

The fabric is laminated nonwoven, characterized by: impermeable, waterproof, good bacterial isolation effect, there is a clear distinction between the front and backside, the body contact side is non-woven, non-allergic, feel good. There is a layer of the plastic film outside to prevent liquid leakage, used on the occasion of pollution and viruses, the hospital infectious disease room is mainly used in laminated non-woven protective clothing.

(3) SMS non-woven disposable coveralls

SMS non-woven fabric is used for surgical gowns, surgical wipes, isolation gowns, test gowns, operation gowns, non-surgical masks, and visitor gowns.

(4) Breathable microporous disposable coverall

PP polypropylene, covered with PE breathable film, thus strong breathability, better anti-permeability, resistance to a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion at the same time, has high impact resistance. Strong mechanical properties, soft and comfortable texture. Non-combustible, non-toxic, and non-irritating, harmless to skin. Barrier, waterproof, micro-breathable, soft texture, is the highest level of medical protection medical protective clothing. It is characterized by the human body's sweat can be emitted to the outside, while the outside harmful gases and moisture can not invade. In addition, breathable membrane nonwoven is also used for surgical gowns, surgical cavity wipes, and isolation gowns.

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