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Disposable Scrub Suits

CROWN NAME Suits that are intended to prevent the transmission of infectious agents between healthcare staff and patients during surgical and other invasive procedures must meet the requirements of EN 13795-2. This standard does not apply to the suits for other applications like uniforms.

A disposable scrub suit is cost-effective. They're easy to use and offer a convenient alternative to traditional scrub suits. In addition to being disposable, our disposable scrub suits are gentle on your skin, soft to the touch, and comfortable so that you can work for long periods without discomfort or distraction.

• V or round neck, short sleeves
• Different pockets are available
• Ideal for areas subject to strict hygiene rules
• Available in a dark color
• Reducing the risk of cross-infection during surgery

SMS Scrub Suits

SMS Scrub Suits The scrub suits are made of opaque complete coverage breathable, hydrophobic, super soft SMS or PP fabric which offers the wearer expe...More

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PP Scrub Suits

PP Scrub Suits The scrub suits are made of opaque completecoverage breathable, hydrophobic, super soft SMS or PP fabric which offers thewearer experie...More

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SMS Scrub Suits with Elastic Cuffs

Single use scrub suits are made of soft yet protective fabric for light fluid contact, provide a comfortable and effective alternative to laundry expe...More

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Disposable Scrub Style Options

Neck Styles: Round Neck, V-neck, Neck with Snap.
Pocket Styles: Pocket, Pen Pocket

Disposable Scrub Suits Materials Construction

SBPP: Spunbond polypropylene is with excellent breathability and comfort.
Multi-ply SMS: Multi-ply spunbond-meltblown spunbond is a soft and breathable fabric that provides a barrier against the transmission of infective agents.

Disposable Scrub Suits With Knitted Cuffs

The scrub Suit with short knitted cuffs offers extra comfort and softness. Tightening cuffs effectively prevent skin scales from exposing or falling.

It is widely used in the medical area, including nursing, surgical anesthesia, etc.
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