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Testing and Quality Control

EU Standards

Crown Name Group has been known for its high-quality manufacturing capabilities with its in-house expertise in design, development, and production.

We have seven first-class non-woven production lines, three spunbonded nonwoven lines and four lamination lines, producing PP, SS, SMS, SMMS, melt-blow material, microporous film, laminated material and PE film and so on. The SMS and SMMS materials have been applied to the testing standards of EN13795 and are up to the criterion issued by EU for medical products.

Inspection Equipments

We have owed below nonwoven fabric inspection equipments:Digital water seepage meter,Electronic single yarn strength tester,Fabric air permeability measuring instrument, ......

Decontamination Workshop

Crown Name also owns a decontamination workshop of one-hundred-thousand grade where medical care products are produced. Meanwhile, together with the aid of standardized lab and various advanced manufacturing equipment, the sterilized finished products made by Crown Name can meet the requirement of EN13485:2012, which is intended for medical sterilized products of the European Union. 

International Testing 

SMS breathable protective wear and laminated protective have passed through international testing TYPE 5/6, TYPE 4/5/6, and TYPE 3/4/5/6 respectively. Also face masks are to pass through the testing of the U.S-based Nelson laboratory with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >98% and have synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance which are up to the standards of medical wear.

Quality Control Workshops

Quality control workshops in Crown Name are equipped with advanced production and QC Testing equipment where we follow the strict international regulation of ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 for production.  Also we have owned BSCl-SociaI Audit and Factory Audit authentication.

QC System

The QC team is composed of skilled engineers and technicians. Working on CEFCC quality management system control, the QC system covers all processes of production from the material, production, and finished product testing:

  1. Purchase raw material from reliable suppliers;
  2. The strict control of workflow;
  3. Check and strict inspection all products before packing;
  4. Finished products after going through strict QC.

Crown Name is committed in line with international health and quality standards. Our customers can rest assured that the products of Crown Name will meet their quality needs.

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