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Crown Name Group has been established as a leading company in R&D and production of high-quality hygiene and protective wear. Our products of various fabrics including non-woven fabrics are suitable to make disposable protective articles, overalls, isolation gowns, and uniforms to use in many different industries. Medical and health care industry, agriculture and food processing industry, safety and security industry.

In January 2012, Crown Name invested in about 5000 sq mts of land for its new facility in addition to its 7000 sq mts of modern workshops and disinfection rooms where German imported production line is installed which turned up to be the beginning of a new chapter for Crown Name.

Crown Name Group has seven first-class non-woven production lines, three spun-bonded non-woven lines, one melt-blown non-woven line, and three lamination lines, producing PP, SS, SMS, SMMS, melt-blow material, microporous film, laminated material and PE film and so on.

Especially the German equipment, its annual production capacity for non-woven materials reached 10,000 tons. At the same time, various post-processing of materials is available such as anti-static processing super soft processing hydrophobic processing, water repellent processing, anti-alcohol repellent processing, and flame retardant processing.

Crown Name also owns a decontamination workshop of one-hundred-thousand grade where medical care products are produced.

Changing room, hand washing sink, and wind-blowing shower room are built in front of the production area of the decontamination workshop. Anyone entering the production area and having direct contact with the product must put on caps, lab coats, surgical gowns, and overshoes. 

Crown Name Group has standardized and normalized workshops. The separation of workers and finished products is strictly carried out and there is no reverse flow of intersecting flow in the production process.

Workshops and storage areas are always kept clean and tidy, far from any kinds of biological pollution and contamination.

Ease of transportation Wuhan is a transportation hub in mainland China. Crown Name has taken advantage of her location to load products in containers directly from the factory.

It ensures a seamless transfer of products to customers so that not only are the safety and sterility of our goods guaranteed but also transportation costs are minimized. Enhancing service for our customers in last 20 years. Crown Name together with our customers wherever you are, we will be at your service.

Head Office: Crown Name (WH) United Co.,Ltd.
Add: 19F, Block B, Tinyuet Bund Finance Centre, No.8 Sanyang Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430010, China

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