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Types of Disposable Coveralls

You should have seen the disposable coveralls worn by doctors in hospitals, what materials are they made of? What are the differences between the different materials used in medical gowns, such as PP, SMS and SF? The main function of medical protective clothing is to produce a bacterial barrier layer, which can play a role in reducing cross-infection, and many companies currently produce medical protective clothing mainly using non-woven fabric as the main fabric.

Specifically, medical protective coveralls can be divided into woven, non-woven and composite materials according to the textile structure, and then if the raw materials of the protective clothing are different, the effect and performance that can be played will also be different.

At present, there are probably the following materials: polypropylene spunbond, polyester fiber and wood pulp composite spunlace, polypropylene spunbond a meltblown a spunbond composite nonwoven, namely SMS or SMMS, polymer coated fabric, polyethylene breathable film / nonwoven composite fabric.

What are the differences between medical disposable coveralls made of different materials? Depending on the actual needs, some protection needs are anti-bacterial and anti-static. Some are resistant to blood, oil and alcohol. Some require good drapability, fine dimensional diameter, low filtration resistance, fluffiness, softness, high hydrostatic pressure resistance and high filtration efficiency. Others require very good resistance to bacterial penetration and blocking the penetration of liquid-like toxic substances, such as blood and chemical attack. What is the difference between PP, SMS and SF?

PP: PP is short for polypropylene, a colorless, odorless, translucent solid substance with chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation and good high abrasion resistance processing performance, etc.

SMS: SMS nonwoven fabric is a composite nonwoven fabric, a composite product of spunbond and meltblown, with the advantages of high strength, good filtration performance and no adhesive.

SF: SF material is a composite material, also known as soft fit coating, featuring anti-abrasion and anti-slip.

The above is an introduction to the performance of medical disposable protective clothing, as well as the distinction between medical protective clothing made of different materials, the choice of protective clothing to recognize the regular medical equipment production of medical protective clothing series, especially the medical type, must be formal, so as to ensure that the protective clothing has a certain degree of protective performance.

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