Your practical solution for hygiene and safety wear needs.
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Surgical Gown Manufacturer and Supplier

As a professional surgical gown manufacturer, Crown Name Group has developed for more than 20 years. We can manufacture spunlace surgical gowns, SMS surgical gowns (including SMMS, SMMMS), and film-based laminates surgical gowns. Now, follow us to know more about the various information about surgical gowns. What materials are used by surgical gown manufacturers to […]

Types of Disposable Coveralls

You should have seen the disposable coveralls worn by doctors in hospitals, what materials are they made of? What are the differences between the different materials used in medical gowns, such as PP, SMS and SF? The main function of medical protective clothing is to produce a bacterial barrier layer, which can play a role in reducing […]

Your Practical Solution For Hygiene and Safety Needs

We have seen the world and we have let the world see Wuhan. Maybe you have overlooked small detail like this, for every safety protection loophole there is it means catastrophic disasters for others. In our world, being big is not the only thing that matters. Sometimes, being micro also matters which concerns the well […]

PPE Supplier & Manufacturer In 2023

Since the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID 2019) worldwide in late 2019, the term protective equipment has made a lasting impression on the public mind. PPE clothing stands for equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses can be caused by exposure to chemical, […]

How to Choose and Wear FFP3 Respirator?

Wearing a mask is mainly for fear of infection and to prevent droplets from spreading to others. Air pollution and cold viruses enter the human body in different ways and cannot be compared. So, what is an FFP3 respirator? Let me introduce it below! What is an FFP3 mask? FFP3 Respirator refers to masks that […]

What's the non-woven fabric & properties

Disposable hygiene products are concerned with protecting the health and welfare of people who are engaged in work or employment to foster a healthy work environment. However, do you know what's the non-woven fabric? Non-woven fabric is also called the nonwoven fabric, which composed by the directional or random fiber and composition, is a new […]

Preparing before wearing safety clothing

Before using, a thorough assessment should be done. Personal knowledge should not be used only, otherwise, serious protection accidents may end up being caused. Typically the protection level in addition to the performance of typically the disposable coveralls usually are regular with typically the performance required by simply the occasion. 2. Not confirm the sizing […]

Ease of transportation ensures the seamless transfer of products

Crown Name Group was located in Wuhan, which is the thoroughfare of nine provinces in central China.    Ease of transportation Wuhan is a transportation hub in mainland China, Crown Name has taken advantage of its location to load products in containers directly from the factory which ensures a seamless transfer of products to customers. […]

The main products of Crown Name Group

“strength through teamwork and excellent through dedication” is our motto to keep up the quality of service product and work environment for which Crown Name acquired.Crown Name Group has seven first-class non-woven productions, three spun-bonded non-woven line, and three lamination lines, producing PP, SS, SMS, SMMS, melt-blow material, microporous film, laminated material, PE film, and […]

Standardization of Crown Name Group

Crown Name Group has been known for its high-quality manufacturing capabilities with its in-house expertise in design, development, and production.   Crown Name Group has already obtained ISO9001 and 13485 Certification. Also, it has owned BSCI-Social audit and Factory Audit authentication.              Crown Name Group has a dedicated and experienced sales and support team for […]

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